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  • Who is Ghost Light Artist Collective (GLAC)?
    Our vendors are theatre artists that reside in the Twin Cites area. They are excited to share their off-stage talents with you! ​ Please support our local artists during this time when our theatres are closed.
  • What are the GLAC Terms of Service?
    All vendors listed on GLAC are responsible for their own content/product. GLAC is not responsible or liable for any product or content, and only acts as a database for vendors. Vendors agree to pay GLAC $10 per listing/per year to support the hosting of the website. Scholarship money is available. Payment is due upon submitting vendor application and is payable via PayPal to (please use the 'Sending to a Friend' option)
  • Where does your $10 yearly listing fee go?
    GLAC is run entirely by volunteers. GLAC is purely a database for artists to list their products and services. Your $10 yearly listing fee goes directly to pay for the domain name, website hosting and for Ascend, which is the hosting companies business upgrade. GLAC volunteers do not take any money for building, updating and editing the website or any of the associated social media sites. No money other than the $10 yearly listing fee is asked for by GLAC, and all profits that the members make from their products and services are entirely their own.
  • What are GLAC scholarships?
    GLAC wants to give everyone the opportunity to join and share their products and services. Scholarships are available to anyone interested in becoming a vendor, and would like to have a year of their listing fee covered. Just make sure to check the box on the Vendor Submission Form, and we will take care of the rest! If you would like to sponsor a scholarship, please check the appropriate box on the Vendor Submission form, and when paying via PayPal please include the extra money and add a note saying 'Vendor fee + Scholarship'. Thanks!
  • *Disclaimer
    GLAC is a database only. GLAC does not take responsibility and is not liable for any products, goods, services or food produced/provided by the vendors listed on this website. All vendors are responsible for following all laws applicable to the sale/production of their product, goods, service and/or food. All vendors are responsible for following all tax laws applicable to the state of Minnesota and the sale/production of thier product, goods, service and/or food.
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